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Sage Wisdom From A NYC Street Vendor ~

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

“Women Are Empresses.”

By definition, an Empress is, “a woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.”

On December 4, 2013, on a cold New York City wintery evening, I met Baba, a 65 year old street vendor from St. Lucia, selling beautiful scarfs and unique handmade earrings.

Almost immediately he told me and my friend, that “women are empresses.”

Great sales ploy…? I mean who doesn’t want to be seen as a powerful empress?

He expressed it in a kind, non-sleazy, way and so I paid closer attention as he continued to speak and quickly realized this man gets the sacredness of the dance between women and men.

Photo: by JL Ropas ~ Santa Cruz, CA, Sand Crown
Photo: by JL Ropas ~ Santa Cruz, CA, Sand Crown

Nuggets o’ wisdom from Baba...lean in...they are golden:

  • Your body is a temple. You are a queen, an empress. Only be with a man that honors you, otherwise you are better off staying single.

  • Sex is a spiritual experience.

  • Show me a religion where they worship Mother Earth, where they worship women & where women are allowed to walk beside their man & I will sign up today.

  • Make sure you heal yourself before getting into another relationship. So many women are hurt & they jump from one man to the next when they really need to be alone & heal.

  • We are all each other's angels...we are here to love & help each other.

I mean, golden, right…?!

My friend and I stood in the cold for 20 minutes, barely noticing the chill in our bodies, because we were so riveted by this man, who praised & adored women.

After that night, on a sidewalk in the wild concrete jungle of NYC, I adopted the word Empress, it feels much more regal to me than Queen. What I did not realize until I was reviewing my journals is just how much Baba impacted me. Fast forward, 5 years to 2018, and I am launching my own business and I have been using Empress as my title, instead of CEO; as a way to shift how women in power are viewed, not consciously remembering this conversation. Although it clearly impacted me.

Baba said that what is wrong with the world today is that women are not worshipped.

Amen, Baba, Amen.

The hard truth is that it starts with us first.

Our bodies are our sacred temples.

They are our earthly homes.

And we are empresses over our empires...our bodies.

Adding some of my own wisdom - stay present, keep your heart open, connect, and listen to those you interact with. We are each other's angels and you never know what message the Divine is sending your way.

Now, please say it out loud -- I am an Empress!!

Feels good, doesn’t it?! ;)

Wear that crown high.

You are SO worthy!

P.S. - I did buy a scarf & pair of earrings that I still love. Sales ploy…? Nah...just all heart...and that is the most invaluable marketing just be you ;)

*Empress definition sited from Google Dictionary.



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