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Empowering Women to Live & Love With Wild Abandon

Become the Queen of Your Domain



It Is Time To Put You 1st.

A 40 Day Practice Where You Are Your #1 Priority.

Creating the life of your dreams takes daily Devotion.

In as little as 15 minutes a day, you will learn how to prioritize your

joy, pleasure & play.

This is an invitation to say YES! to a life-changing opportunity in which you learn how to STOP:

🚫Feeling stagnant, blocked, maybe a bit unhappy or frustrated by the way people & opportunities are showing up or not in your life.

🚫Self-sabotaging, engaging in or with toxic habits & people. Negative thoughts running on repeat.

🚫People pleasing.

🚫Running around like a chicken without a head.

🚫Ending the day feeling utterly depleted without a moment for YOU!

🚫Being so enmeshed in your partner's life you lost yourself or fireworks when first meeting but then you grow apart instead of together.

🚫Indecisive, disconnected from, or not fully trusting your inner knowing...your intuition. Unable to hear your heart whispers or too scared to act on them.

🚫Closed off from the signs that the Universe gives you everyday...the cosmic winks...guiding you to the love & abundance you are dreaming of.


By the end of the 40 days of Devotion you may experience:

bAn overflowing cup (plenty of fuel to show-up for your life & dreams).

bA deeper connection with yourself, your heart, intuition, & self-love.

bReconnected with the power of joy, pleasure, & play to transform your day & so your life.

bFeel empowered, energized, & re-engaged with life with a new lightness & openness & joy about the people & opportunities that begin to appear.

bBe open to magnetizing a partner who loves you unconditionally & adores you.

bCompassion, tenderness, a deeper respect, adoration & love for yourself, which will in turn lessen the negative thought patterns & begin the process of shedding toxic habits & people, so you can let in what you truly desire.

bEmpowered with a clear & strong connection to your your heart.

bOpen to the wonder, beauty, joy & pleasure that is available to you everyday...receiving abundance.

You will learn how in as little as 15 minutes a day.

I know you probably think you don't have 15 min a day...but if you are reading this...find yourself on IG, FB or some other social media channel...Netflix...texting have the just forgot that you are worthy of devoting that time to you 1st.


In Devotion we will change that through practices centered around bringing more joy, pleasure, & play into your life. Every. Single. Day.


FALL 2024

Sign-up for the Devotion waitlist to be the 1st to be notified when doors are open to purchase.

Our Power comes through our Joy & Pleasure. When we stand fully in our power we become magnets for all that we desire. When we are in this magnetic field we become irresistible to the love and abundance we dream of.


What Women Who have taken the 40 Day Practice are Saying:

Several of my clients have taken the 40 day journey multiple times & each time they have reached out to me in awe about how something new transformed in their lives. Through taking the practice 3 times in a row, 1 client had her business career explode in incredible ways, found love, & overall felt more grounded, empowered, & joyful. Miracles happen when we commit to continually igniting our Hearts!


My first night, my 15 minutes of joy ended up being more like 30, and I basically just cranked the tunes and danced around my room. It was very uplifting and very FUN!

Literally the next day, men started crawling out of the woodwork for my attention. 


It felt like INSTANT RESULTS. Who knows where any of it will go. But I certainly became a MAGNET! 

Looking forward to seeing what happens, and continuing on in the 40 days :) 

{M.M., CA}


I’m in love with your emails and practices. Thank you thank you thank you, Janet-Lee, for teaching me how to listen to my heart, for modeling with such inspiration, and your delightful presence. You set my heart on fire.~ Mandy, San Francisco, CA


I completed my 40 day practice today. Thought I’d tell you lots of incredible things have already manifested despite this odd time - I had $10,000 paid off my student loan without me asking, manifested a couple consulting opportunities, have had a lot of new business come in despite the uncertainty now, found a great health support team, met a really nice guy. I’m excited to see what unfolds in the next few weeks! Wanted to let you know what an incredible tool you created to keep me thriving despite it all during this time. {A.O., CA}

DEVOTION ~ My Story & How These Practices
Transformed My Life

Time & Financial Investment:

bIt is a GROUP program (intimate space of 12 amazing women - I magnetize incredible beings into my world)

bDaily emails for 40 days.

bLive Calls.

bFoundational call 1 week before the 40 Day emails begin.

bWeekly calls throughout the 40 Days.

bFinal call 1 month after the 40 days. This is so you can integrate the practice on your own for a month & ask any questions you may have.

bYou will need 15 minutes a day to focus on the practices.

bThere will also be 2 practices that will require 1-2 hours.

bMighty Networks group community.

bInvestment: $444 (payment plan available ~ email me at


FALL 2024

Sign-up for the Devotion waitlist to be the 1st to be notified when doors are open to purchase.

Why 40 Days?

It takes about 20 days to break a habit, and about another 20 days to anchor in a new one. That is why Devotion is for 40 days. It's going to be so good.

I want everyone to experience this.

It transformed my life.

I know it can for you too.


The definition of Devotion*:

  • Loyalty & Love

  • Care for Someone

  • The devotion of a great deal of time & energy

*definitions sited from the Cambridge & Merriam-Webster dictionaries.


I want all of this for YOU. My intention is that by the end of the practice you will embody the word Devotion as a sacred & moving prayer, in which you are the star & love of your life.


b A safe, sacred space for you to grow - bringing all parts of you - the beautiful & messy pieces - all that makes you whole.

b An amazing community of women to support & cheer each other on.

b Weekly group calls for support, questions, & witness as you go through this 40 day journey.

b Rituals & tools to connect with your heart - your most magnificent power source - that you can use for the rest of your life & adapt to any new desires you wish to call in.

b Heart centered practices - simple & practical because we are busy ladies with full lives.
b Journaling & Release practice to let go of the past + create space for the love & life you truly desire.

b Inspiring music playlist to amplify your love & abundance magnetizing energy (shared via Spotify).

b Daily emails with practices guiding you on how to create a life rooted in joy & pleasure.

b Additional Support  ~ option to add on 1-to-1 mentoring sessions to dive even deeper within your journey of Devotion, at an extra special VIP price. (Currently the only way to work 1-to-1 with me is via a 3 month or longer mentoring container).

Reclamation of Your Love & Power

Through Joy & Pleasure

bLife is extra challenging right now. We need joy & pleasure to help us rise.


bYou have everything you need within to magnetize the love & abundance you need & desire.

bTo weather these stormy times you need to be grounded, nourished, comforted, & held - this practice will hold you. 

bThis 40 day journey will help you create a solid foundation of gentle, loving, & healing daily rituals to ignite your heart, so you can fully open up to receive all that your heart yearns for.

b15 minutes a day - I believe you are worthy of taking time just for YOU. Do you?

bIf  you feel a little tug on your heart strings & curious excitement, trust your inner knowing & join me for a magical journey of learning how to create love & abundance through joy & pleasure.



bI fully recommend working with Janet-Lee in any capacity you can. I started my practice with her feeling very beaten down and not excited about pretty much anything in my life. I didn’t have much in terms of expectations, but in the process of working with her over 40 days my whole mood and mindset has drastically improved and I’m very optimistic about my prospects in both love, career and my life overall. Additionally, Janet-Lee has been a great catalyst at helping me improve my own intuition and it now seems like I’m constantly getting divine nudges to direct me on my journey. Janet-Lee herself is very loving and brings this into her work with a sharp insightfulness, wit, and groundedness that is unparalleled. ~ Anonymous - San Francisco, CA


bI worked with Janet-Lee on her 40-day journey to help me keep the faith that my partner is coming! Janet-Lee guided me through a variety of rituals and self-work to focus on my needs and desires rather than weighing it on my future partner. The shift in perspective has been wonderful, I am now coming to the table with a full cup expecting the same from my future partner. ~ Rebecca, San Francisco, CA


bAbove all, I am super happy in my relationship.  Everyday I am grateful to have Ryan by my side.  He makes me laugh and supports me and gives me emotional space when I need it.  And I don't think I could have found him without your 40-day journey. Thank you so much Janet-Lee! ~ Elisa, San Diego, CA


bI am grateful to Janet-Lee for bringing me to trust where I am being led.  - Jane, Chicago, IL


bnotice I’m not “forcing” the joy & pleasure breaks, but rather I find I recognize, in the moment, when I am feeling joyful or experiencing a pleasurable moment. It’s like a subtle feeling of being grateful for all the little things...and my heart smiles. 


I also notice I am continuing to recognize when I am experiencing  a moment of discomfort or when my body physically reacts to a negative emotion/thought. I have been able to recognize this immediately and work through it so it doesn’t get the best of me and I do not over-react OR allow it to linger way longer than necessary. And I am acting in the moment when I need to care for myself. ~ Anonymous - Staten Island, NY


bFor as far back as I can remember, I have been in relationships that most would deem unhealthy.  I was attracting the same type of man over and over, until I realized that the problem was coming from within.  I was attracting what I felt I deserved.  I am fortunate enough to presently be in a loving, committed partnership with a man who has been in my life for over 8 years.  So, I should've been really happy right? Well, I wasn't, and to be fair, I was happy with him, but I knew deep down, I wasn't 100% happy with myself, and that is a very strange space to be in.  I knew in order to save my partnership I needed to make some internal changes.  The timing of Janet-Lee's program was in fact divine :)  Taking the steps to heal yourself, to really love yourself, can be very hard to do.  But if you are looking for someone who will help guide you perfectly through this journey, Janet-Lee is it.


She is a fantastic listener.  She takes the time to process what you are saying and gives accurate feedback without passing any judgment on what you are telling her.  She has helped me open my heart to the one man who really deserves it. The everyday practices helped me really tune into what was going on, not only in my mind, but my heart. She helped me see that the way you think and the way you speak, will make all the difference. I cannot say enough good about this program and especially about the woman behind it.  This was one of the best commitments I made to myself and to my partnership.  ~ Rachel, Astoria, NY


FALL 2024

Sign-up for the Devotion waitlist to be the 1st to be notified when doors are open to purchase.


Supporting you to LIVE and LOVE with wild abandon,


Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

Philadelphia, PA


Janet-Lee has been a beam of light in my life in so many ways. Each time I read her incredible writing it puts words to things that I am going through and often have yet to understand. The word that really comes to mind is wonder. If I've ever had a doubt that there is wonder in the world it only takes one call with Janet-Lee to hear her perspective on a situation to remember that there is beauty and hope in everything. I think the most beautiful thing about Janet-Lee is that she is able to be both vulnerable and wise, a student and a teacher, humble and powerful in all she does. Whether it has been talking through visioning the new year, morning rituals, or the power of dance I always find amazing guidance and reliability in her words. Her true gifts are in seeing other's light and being able to reflect it back to them in the form of writing, movement, and words. There is this powerful combination of different modalities that I can tell Janet-Lee draws upon and offers to clients in such an intuitive and clear manner that you feel like it is just a friend on your side who can see beyond any murkiness in your head! Thank you for all that you remind me of and share with the world.

Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

New York, NY


I am so grateful for Janet-Lee and her rare ability to help me open up my heart again. Our 7-week Sacred Soul Partner Magnetizing sessions were the best commitment I made to myself. Her deep wisdom, beautiful intuition and compassionate heart helped me to permanently transform my personal partnerships in a positive way. Her unconditional acceptance and openness created a safe space for me to share on a deeper level and understand my behaviors and patterns which never served me well. With her guidance, knowledge, patience, and gentle reminders I shifted from these past limitations and am now genuinely happier, stronger, and wiser. I am now in a great place to call in my sacred soul partner. I continue to incorporate the daily practices and self-care techniques Janet-Lee taught me because of the positive energy I receive from them and I enjoy them! Forever grateful. Thank you, Janet-Lee.

Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

Asheville, NC


I’m a big believer that when you choose to work with someone as a guide or a coach to support you on your path, that choosing someone that has actually done their own work and continues to deepen on their personal and spiritual journey is essential. Having worked closely with Janet-Lee as one of her mentor and guides for many years, I can tell you without a doubt that she is the real deal. Devoted and committed to her own practice and to always going deeper inside. Living in true partnership with another while also firmly rooted in herself. Facing her fears and challenges and choosing to use them as catalysts vs. game stoppers. Janet-Lee is compassionate and courageous, full of wonder and has a gift for helping women connect with their inner knowing and hearts.

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