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Janet-Lee Ropas

Hi & Welcome to my home! Well, really my virtual heart temple, because home is where the heart is, and I poured my heart into this magical space in excited anticipation of your visit! So please relax, take a long delicious breath, and inhale all the wisdom & wonder I have to share with you! 

But first let me introduce myself, I am Janet-Lee Ropas, a Women's Empowerment Coach, Teacher, & Guide, Sacred Space Holder, Priestess of Sacred Union, Writer, Creator & Visionary for Global Healing, guiding women to reclaim & embrace all parts of themselves…unapologetically. I am on a mission to ignite hearts to live & love with wild abandon, because joy & pleasure are our birthrights and we are SO worthy of our desires. Although I didn’t start out this see...I was a former executive assistant on a Wall Street trading floor...with a psychology degree & minor in criminal justice...

Janet-Lee Ropas, Women's Empowerment Coach
Janet-Lee Ropas, Women's Empowerment Coach

I made a proclamation when I was 17 that I would never sit behind a desk all day in a 9-5 job because that was not meant for me, I’d go crazy. I was wiser than I realized, because I did go a little mad after my life took a hard right turn into Corporate America and instead of 9-5 it was 8-6ish, working on a trading floor, in one of the most intense environments of Wall Street. It is not what I set out to do, but it is where life brought me for 11 years. I am grateful for the experience as it has made me stronger, allowed me to gain wisdom I needed to help serve others on a deeper level, and it afforded me an awesome life in the heart of New York City for 6 years. As well as provided the funds to quench my nomadic heart’s desire to see all of the world. 

If your heart isn’t in it, all those lifestyle perks only get you so far, before you begin to downward spiral. Everyone’s spiral looks different. Mine looked like numbing out through emotional eating, binge drinking on the weekends, shopping in excess, and a jam-packed schedule, because if I actually slowed down I would have to hear my heart screaming - “YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE - GET OUT! NOW.” And making huge life changes can be scary so I didn’t really want to hear. Eventually because our hearts are persistent and love always wins, I heard the scream, and then I heard my soul whisper, “If you do not leave now, you are going to die.” Meaning, my spirit was dimming and it was time to get out & shine. I replied to the Divine that day saying, “Yes. I don’t know how, but yes, I will leap.” All the universe needed to hear was my yes and then magic was activated.

I leapt from Wall Street into Global Travels. I backpacked around the world, on & off, for 2 years, using NY as a home base. Most of my travels I was alone and was in awe of how many people told me how brave I was. I would kind of look over my shoulder to see who they were talking to because I was just doing what I needed to stay alive. In time I saw what they did - it was audacious to walk away from financial stability, home, and spend that much time alone. It was one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself - freedom to just be, to wander, to connect with people & cultures all over the world. Most importantly I found me, my truth, my passions, my heart, I learned to love myself unconditionally. Through loving myself I also reconnected with the Divine and my burning desires to help empower women and create a more loving and peaceful home here on Earth. It took me on a several year spiritual journey of deep diving into my heart & soul, to heal, release blocks, stories, trauma, and bust through resistance to step fully into my heart - to reclaim all of me.


b Snorkeling & swimming next to sea turtles at the Great Barrier Reef
b Hang Gliding in Brazil
b Exploring the pyramids of Egypt
b Hiking a glacier in New Zealand
b Taking a cooking class in Vietnam
b Volunteering at an orphanage in Thailand
b Soaking up the sun in Fiji
b Exploring cenotes & ziplining in Mexico
b Walking in water that may have had alligators, in Costa Rica 
b Lived in Maui for 2 months, exploring the road to Hana


b Phoenix Rising - 6 month spiritual mentoring program, led by Christine Arylo
b Priestess Initiation - 13 month circle, led by Christine Arylo
b Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring Training - 1 year training, led by Alana Fairchild
b Courses on Sexuality - healing + expanding pleasure in a sacred & holistic way, led by Layla Martin

b Feminine Super Power Year - 1 year deep dive of learning how to “live, lead, & succeed the Feminine way,” led by

Christine Arylo
b S Factor Teacher Training - 6 month training to teach organic Feminine Dance Movement (all levels)
b Female Voice & Sexuality workshop - learning how to use breath to truly be embodied, led by Awilda Verdejo, a retired world-        renowned opera singer

I escaped corporate America to live a life filled with freedom, love, grace, passion, and adventure. As you can see from the above I was able to do just that, when we create space and make ourselves a priority, the world begins to open up in new and exciting ways. But first you have to tell the universe, “YES!”

Then there is a journey of moving through fear & resistance (which is why I’m here to coach you - I’ve done it, I know how to get to the other side of fear). This can be challenging but life is challenging anyway, so you might as well move through the challenges with an ignited heart and create your dream life too!

I am here now shining my light and sharing my story because I believe in you and your power to rise up to live the life you desire, to live passionately & unapologetically. I believe unconditionally loving romantic partnerships are possible (I know, I co-created one), that we are powerful beyond measure, prayer is our super power, and the combination of chocolate & peanut butter is heaven on earth.

Thank you for visiting my hearts online temple of love. I hope you really do stay awhile and make yourself at home while enjoying the adventures of life, love, and spirit I have to share. May you find the inspiration and courage to take the next step to the beat of your heart whispers and also a few laughs and shortcuts from all that I have learned. Most of all, whether you are just passing through or here to settle for a spell, I want you to know I see you and you are magnificent just the way you are. You are enough and anything is possible. Please hug fear tight and leap into your dreams, for this wild earthly journey will be over in a blink. Be here now, we need your unique light and unapologetically ignited hearts.


After backpacking, dancing with fear again, heart leading through resistance, I moved from NYC to San Francisco, CA - where my heart had been calling me for 10 years. Deep down I knew my partner was here. If we ignore our heart, we block our dreams. Ignite your heart and your reality becomes your dream. Meeting and falling in love with my sacred soul partner has made every leap before it worth it. If I didn’t fall in love with me first, there is no way I would be able to invite a partner into my life, as unconditionally loving, gentle, inspiring, and grounded in his power, as my love. Being in a sacred partnership is truly the greatest adventure of all (although I’ll never stop traveling ;). Surrender to your heart, it knows the way to your dreams.
Thank you for being you and visiting my virtual home.
It’s a pleasure to connect through the web and I hope I get to hear your story soon live! 

Love Always,

About Janet-Lee Ropas

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out my offerings on how to move through resistance around love and major life changes, into intentional and empowered action, to magnetize your dreams, especially your sacred soul partner. 

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Chicago, IL


Janet-Lee has a unique genius in helping others to call in and create romantic soul partnership. When I began working with her, I had been struggling for nearly a decade to bring romantic partnership into my life. Over and over I experienced relationships where men I dated were indifferent or unavailable, and this was heartbreaking and lonely. I felt like I kept running into the same patterns again and again with no idea how to do something different. Janet-Lee showed me spiritual rituals and encouraged me to utilize practices like prayer as ways to call in my most loving, kind thoughtful partner. She also offered me practical coaching as I went on dates with an eye towards doing things differently thanks to the insights I gained in working with her.
I’m happy to report I am now in a beautiful relationship that matches my desires and serves and fulfills me in ways I could not have even anticipated. My partner is wildly handsome, deeply compassionate, a great match for me, and he makes me laugh every day. My life feels more complete and joyful with this man in my life. I cannot thank Janet-Lee enough and I cannot recommend her to you more highly. Sign up today to work with her if you are looking to create this kind of deep soulful love.

Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

New York, NY


I am so grateful for Janet-Lee and her rare ability to help me open up my heart again. Our 7-week Sacred Soul Partner Magnetizing sessions were the best commitment I made to myself. Her deep wisdom, beautiful intuition and compassionate heart helped me to permanently transform my personal partnerships in a positive way. Her unconditional acceptance and openness created a safe space for me to share on a deeper level and understand my behaviors and patterns which never served me well. With her guidance, knowledge, patience, and gentle reminders I shifted from these past limitations and am now genuinely happier, stronger, and wiser. I am now in a great place to call in my sacred soul partner. I continue to incorporate the daily practices and self-care techniques Janet-Lee taught me because of the positive energy I receive from them and I enjoy them! Forever grateful. Thank you, Janet-Lee.

Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

Seattle, WA


I’m a big believer that when you choose to work with someone as a guide or a coach to support you on your path, that choosing someone that has actually done their own work and continues to deepen on their personal and spiritual journey is essential. Having worked closely with Janet-Lee as one of her mentor and guides for many years, I can tell you without a doubt that she is the real deal. Devoted and committed to her own practice and to always going deeper inside. Living in true partnership with another while also firmly rooted in herself. Facing her fears and challenges and choosing to use them as catalysts vs. game stoppers. Janet-Lee is compassionate and courageous, full of wonder and has a gift for helping women connect with their inner knowing and hearts.