Picking Up The Pieces

An afternoon in a cafe…

Me: I ordered a salad & walked to my table without taking my #, you know the one that you put on the table, to let the staff know how to find you.

Staff: Here’s your # and your’s too…as she calls to the woman sitting at the table next to mine.

Me: I grabbed both our #’s…you know to help a sister out…

Woman at the next table: Seems flustered and slightly embarrassed that she didn’t take her #.

Me: Get up to get a napkin.

Photo: by JL Ropas  ~ A Cafe in San Francisco

Woman at the next table: Drops her hat on the floor and says, “I can’t win today.” She leaves it there & I can feel her energy sinking. She’s tired…having a rough time.

Me: As I walk back to the table I pick up her hat.

Woman at the next table: “Thank you...you are just picking up my pieces…”

Me: “We all need a little help sometimes.”

What she said kept coursing through me – “You are just picking up my pieces…”

Isn’t that really just the rollercoaster of life?

We all fall and stumble.

We are doing the best we can to move through the chaos.

And we all need help.

Some moments more than others.

You never know how the smallest actions can impact someone’s day.

Take the extra minute to help a sister or brother out…help your fellow hearts…






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