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Empowerment Coaching

Janet-Lee Ropas Offerings

Empowering Women to Live & Love With Wild Abandon

Become the Queen of Your Domain

Empowerment Coaching Services
Janet-Lee Ropas | 1-on-1 Mentoring

Transform from a heart in resistance to a Heart Ignited.

Janet-Lee Ropas | 40 Day Practice

Become a Hot & Sexy Magnet for Love & Abundance

Janet-Lee Ropas | Corporate Mentoring

Shattering the Glass Ceiling through the Force

of Love.

Practical Wisdom + Intuitive Guidance are offered during coaching that have supported my clients to experience some of these results and you can too:

b A heart ignited and open to receive the life & love you truly desire.

b A greater sense of freedom, playfulness, & wonder.

b Feel radiant, sexy, & confident to flirt with potential romantic partners.

b Deeper connection + flowing, juicy, & loving communication with a current partner.

b Confidence to speak your truth about what you need & desire.

b Clarity on the type of partner that you desire to magnetize.

b Present & living fully, now...not when mr. or ms. right come along.

b Unapologetically putting you first, claiming your worth, wearing your crown high.

b Empowered & connected to your feminine strength & beauty, allowing you to attract partners that may have seemed unattainable before.

About Janet-Lee Ropas
About Janet-Lee Ropas

Meet Your Coach, Janet-Lee

As an empowerment coach, I guide and inspire women to rise into the fullest expression of themselves, unapologetically. Through heart centered practices, rituals, journaling, dance, meditation, and much more, I support you in igniting your heart so that you may live the life you truly desire and deserve. 

I know, very intimately, the depths of pain & darkness that come from dimming your light, playing small, and ignoring your heart & soul whispers. I also know how to break through the resistance & fear, and dust off your crown so you can wear it like the Queen that you are.


Chicago, IL


Janet-Lee has a unique genius in helping others to call in and create romantic soul partnership. When I began working with her, I had been struggling for nearly a decade to bring romantic partnership into my life. Over and over I experienced relationships where men I dated were indifferent or unavailable, and this was heartbreaking and lonely. I felt like I kept running into the same patterns again and again with no idea how to do something different. Janet-Lee showed me spiritual rituals and encouraged me to utilize practices like prayer as ways to call in my most loving, kind thoughtful partner. She also offered me practical coaching as I went on dates with an eye towards doing things differently thanks to the insights I gained in working with her.
I’m happy to report I am now in a beautiful relationship that matches my desires and serves and fulfills me in ways I could not have even anticipated. My partner is wildly handsome, deeply compassionate, a great match for me, and he makes me laugh every day. My life feels more complete and joyful with this man in my life. I cannot thank Janet-Lee enough and I cannot recommend her to you more highly. Sign up today to work with her if you are looking to create this kind of deep soulful love.

Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

New York, NY


I am so grateful for Janet-Lee and her rare ability to help me open up my heart again. Our 7-week Sacred Soul Partner Magnetizing sessions were the best commitment I made to myself. Her deep wisdom, beautiful intuition and compassionate heart helped me to permanently transform my personal partnerships in a positive way. Her unconditional acceptance and openness created a safe space for me to share on a deeper level and understand my behaviors and patterns which never served me well. With her guidance, knowledge, patience, and gentle reminders I shifted from these past limitations and am now genuinely happier, stronger, and wiser. I am now in a great place to call in my sacred soul partner. I continue to incorporate the daily practices and self-care techniques Janet-Lee taught me because of the positive energy I receive from them and I enjoy them! Forever grateful. Thank you, Janet-Lee.

Janet-Lee Ropas Testimonial

Philadelphia, PA


I’m a big believer that when you choose to work with someone as a guide or a coach to support you on your path, that choosing someone that has actually done their own work and continues to deepen on their personal and spiritual journey is essential. Having worked closely with Janet-Lee as one of her mentor and guides for many years, I can tell you without a doubt that she is the real deal. Devoted and committed to her own practice and to always going deeper inside. Living in true partnership with another while also firmly rooted in herself. Facing her fears and challenges and choosing to use them as catalysts vs. game stoppers. Janet-Lee is compassionate and courageous, full of wonder and has a gift for helping women connect with their inner knowing and hearts.

Join the ignitedHEART tribe for wisdom, tools, and inspiration on how to Live & Love with Wild Abandon. It’s gonna be a hottttt, sexy, and fun adventure! Sign-up to receive 3 practices to support your journey of magnetizing & sustaining sacred soul partnership (both for calling-in love or if already in a partnership).

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