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Corporate Mentoring

Empowering Women to Live & Love With Wild Abandon

Become the Queen of Your Domain


What if the only thing on your “to-do” list was YOU?


This is an invitation to fill your boots, sexy stilettos, or cute flats, FULLY.

To step into your most expanded and unapologetic self.

To dust off your crown & SHINE.


Are you ready to soar higher than ever before?

And shatter the glass ceiling - rising through the force of Love?


I hear your, “YESSSSSS!!!”


I know you can feel the time is now.

You are a corporate Warrioress, yet you fall short on taking care of you first.

You are playing the men’s game, maybe even quite well, but still something’s missing.

IMAGE 3__Cleopatra_2.jpg

Some things you may be feeling:

b The word relax is non-existent in your vocabulary.


b Dissatisfied with your relationships or lack thereof.


b What’s the point to earning really good money but never actually having the time to enJOY it?


b Society tells you that you “should” be happy because you have accomplished so much, you are celebrated for your high pay, 401K, health benefits, nice clothes & home, yet deep down part of you feels like you are living a lie.


b Tired as f*%k and too tired to f*%k…exhausted all of the time.

b Frustrated, angry, and sad about how much you have to “prove” yourself everyday, in order to maintain the same level as your male peers, let alone get promoted…all the while, earning less than your male counterparts, even if you are more qualified.


b You truly enjoy your career path & role, but would like to have more respect from your peers and be able to fully shine in your female body, instead of always trying to mold into the structure of the male body.

b All the stress & pressure have you numbing out from how you are truly feeling via:




★ Social Media

 Overbooked Schedule

 Or other...insert vice of the moment...

And you are over it.


You are done hiding your true self.


No more shrinking, contracting, molding to the patriarchal form, or relinquishing your power.


You are ready to break free from repression and rise into your fullest expression.

I feel you, truly.


I spent 11 years in Corporate America, on a Wall Street trading floor. One of the most insane work environments for a psychology major, who never wanted to work in corporate or finance to begin with. Life has interesting plans for us, and this was one of my scenic journeys on my way to discovering my sacred work. I am so grateful for many reasons, but most of all because I understand a world that you can never truly know unless you are immersed in it. My over a decade of corporate experience & courage to leave that world during the recession, gives me an insider’s edge of what is possible when you listen to your heart & allow yourself to fully shine.

IMAGE 4__Boxing glove breaks through gla

I support women who desire to stay in corporate and rise as their authentic selves with ease and grace, as well as women desiring to make big life leaps.

Not only did I leave corporate during the recession, I took a sabbatical from working for 2 years & traveled the world, mostly as a solo female warrioress. I have walked through many fires and come out the other side, not only standing but risen higher than before. I have done the deep work of self-healing (and continue to do so, as it is a life long practice) & gleaned so much wisdom on what is needed to transform into your fullest expression. I am here now to guide & teach you.

It is my soul’s calling to support you in your personal transformation. Holding space for you to rise to new heights and shine fully & unapologetically.

IMAGE 6__Eagle Woman_Susan Seddon Boulet

I am here to ignite your heart so you may live & love with wild that your dreams become your reality.

What if you could shift from working from a place of stress & repression to one of happy & free – unapologetically?
What if your greatest strength in work was to follow the flow instead of force your way through?
What if the gateway to thriving was being YOU fully – E X P A N D E D – through choosing joy & pleasure first?

Women, especially those who work in corporations, have been taught to not only survive but thrive, you need to model men.

That to even have a fighting chance to be promoted & have authority as a leader in your field, you have to play the “man’s game.”

IMAGE 2__Time to shatter your glass ceil

Maybe you have had some of these experiences or things said to you:


b Man-up / Toughen-up / Push / Over-Work


b Compromise / Don’t speak-up / Look the other way


b Just take some pain reliever & never, ever, let a male coworker know you have the worst menstrual cramps & just really need to stay home to rest, so you can come back tomorrow as your best self.


b Late night multi-course client dinners, schmoozing, drinks & more drinks – all taking a toll on your physical body.

b You volunteer for more work even though you are already working late every night…just so you can “prove” that you can handle anything.

Sound familiar?

Me Too.

The truth is, you may be fitting in, but instead of expanding, you are actually contracting.

You are trying to fit into a box that wasn’t made for you.


No matter how hard you push, it’s never enough and so you are EXHAUSTED…like you could easily hibernate for a year.

Are you ready to Shatter the Glass Ceiling, through the Force of Love?

Not pushing, overachieving, or perfecting, but flowing with your own unique heart & soul rhythms?


Are you ready to expand into the fullest expression of you, rising with ease & grace and in turn bringing other women up with you?


Are you ready to stop trying to fit into a man’s world & instead transform it, so you can create the spaces where YOU fit and that you truly desire to live in?

Shouting, “YES, I am ready!”

While also wondering, “But how do I do this?”

You put YOU first on your daily "to-do" list.



Above a partner, kids, pets, family, friends, and certainly wayyyyyyy before work.

I’ll show you how. It’s not impossible and it actually doesn’t have to take up a lot of time.

However, it is non-negotiable, if you want to thrive as the Warrioress Goddess that you are (I See You) and stop trying to fit into a system that wasn’t built to hold your femininity & instead create a new one.

All transformation begins within, starting with you first.

I will show you how you can:


b Be fully expressed - authentically & unapologetically.


b Be so lit up in your own fullness & inspired within your own life, that you will begin to naturally evoke change & raise others up, especially women.

b Be patient & get clear on your vision of how to create your desires.

b Learn how to relax - take conscious & consistent downtime.


b Balance the Feminine & Masculine energies within – take action from a place of flow, not stress or forcing.

b Release the pressure of all the “to-do’s”…feeling like it ALL needs to be done now, learning to surrender & trust in Divine timing.

IMAGE 8__Cosmic Goddess_Keith Allen Kay_

It is time.

To Rise.

Higher than ever before.

You have a huge heart & burning desire to create a positive impact in the world. To empower yourself and other women to live fully expressed, not repressed.


You are scared and deep down know you were born to lead.


Your inner warrioress...goddess...superheroine is screaming to come out into the light, to be fully seen.


It is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.


You are not alone.

That ache to live & love out loud, unapologetically, is your soul calling...your heart saying,

“Remember the truth of who you are. Step out of the shadows. Shed the veils. The world needs your light in her full luminescence. It is time. It is safe to be seen now. I will guide you every step of the way. You are whole and worthy of all that you desire. Surrender and trust in me.”

It is time.

To shatter the glass ceiling.

Rising through the force of Love.

b 1-on-1 mentoring + accountability, support & encouragement via email between sessions. 

b Action steps & wisdom that can be used for the rest of your life, as you expand into the fullest expression of you.

Simple, “on-the-go” practices to support you in wielding your Warrioress sword of love, truth, & power and be you, unapologetically.


Establishing healthy boundaries.

Prioritizing yourself first - every single day. Including your vessel:​ exercise, food, healthy sleep patterns, luxurious baths


b Understanding & appreciation for the depth of the importance of creating space for joy & pleasure everyday.

b Clarity on your why & intentions for your work in the world.

b A deeper connection to your intuition, heart, prayer & the Divine (or whatever word resonates with you).


 Learning how to move from your heart first, not your mind.

b Empowered Women playlist to provide you with a boost of courage and joy when needed.

b Divine Whispers - this is an intuitive reading where I open myself up to be a channel for any wisdom that may serve you (sent via email after each session).


b An oracle reading that provides insight for our mentoring journey together.


b Unconditional love & compassion as I hold grounded, safe, non-judgemental, & confidential space for you to shatter the glass ceiling and live as your most authentic self.

Next Steps:


FREE CONSULTATION (30 minutes): We will discuss your needs & desires to ensure we are the right mentoring match for each other.

READY TO DIVE IN: You know I’m your support person & are ready to shatter the glass ceiling - here are two options to catalyze your ascension:

Mentoring Session:


6 mentoring sessions / 60 minutes via Zoom or phone



12 mentoring sessions / 60 minutes via Zoom or phone
*In addition to the calls, plan on, 15 minutes per day devoted to the practices discussed in each session. (NOTE: Some weeks there will be practices that require 1-2 hours but you will be given plenty of space to do these).

Mentoring Package Options

PAY IN FULL: $1800
PAY IN FULL: $3400

Break through Resistance,

Ignite your Heart,

Live Fully Expressed.


It is Time.

I am here to support you in removing blocks and dancing through resistance & fear, so that you may rise, unapologetically.


Let's shatter those glass ceilings!


Supporting you to LIVE and LOVE with wild abandon,


*Deep Gratitude to the Artists for ‘Untamed Life’ & ‘Cosmic Goddess’ by Keith Allen Kay; Eagle Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet; and those unknown for the beautiful images.



Chicago, IL


Janet-Lee has a unique genius in helping others to call in and create romantic soul partnership. When I began working with her, I had been struggling for nearly a decade to bring romantic partnership into my life. Over and over I experienced relationships where men I dated were indifferent or unavailable, and this was heartbreaking and lonely. I felt like I kept running into the same patterns again and again with no idea how to do something different. Janet-Lee showed me spiritual rituals and encouraged me to utilize practices like prayer as ways to call in my most loving, kind thoughtful partner. She also offered me practical coaching as I went on dates with an eye towards doing things differently thanks to the insights I gained in working with her.
I’m happy to report I am now in a beautiful relationship that matches my desires and serves and fulfills me in ways I could not have even anticipated. My partner is wildly handsome, deeply compassionate, a great match for me, and he makes me laugh every day. My life feels more complete and joyful with this man in my life. I cannot thank Janet-Lee enough and I cannot recommend her to you more highly. Sign up today to work with her if you are looking to create this kind of deep soulful love.

Mary C.

New York, NY


I am so grateful for Janet-Lee and her rare ability to help me open up my heart again. Our 7-week Sacred Soul Partner Magnetizing sessions were the best commitment I made to myself. Her deep wisdom, beautiful intuition and compassionate heart helped me to permanently transform my personal partnerships in a positive way. Her unconditional acceptance and openness created a safe space for me to share on a deeper level and understand my behaviors and patterns which never served me well. With her guidance, knowledge, patience, and gentle reminders I shifted from these past limitations and am now genuinely happier, stronger, and wiser. I am now in a great place to call in my sacred soul partner. I continue to incorporate the daily practices and self-care techniques Janet-Lee taught me because of the positive energy I receive from them and I enjoy them! Forever grateful. Thank you, Janet-Lee.

Bainbridge Island, WA


I’m a big believer that when you choose to work with someone as a guide or a coach to support you on your path, that choosing someone that has actually done their own work and continues to deepen on their personal and spiritual journey is essential. Having worked closely with Janet-Lee as one of her mentor and guides for many years, I can tell you without a doubt that she is the real deal. Devoted and committed to her own practice and to always going deeper inside. Living in true partnership with another while also firmly rooted in herself. Facing her fears and challenges and choosing to use them as catalysts vs. game stoppers. Janet-Lee is compassionate and courageous, full of wonder and has a gift for helping women connect with their inner knowing and hearts.

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