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Renaissance of Prayer is a reclamation of the word prayer… a reclamation of our hearts… of the language of our soul.


A gathering of the fullness of ourselves…back from toxic institutions…back into the power of our own hands & heart.

Renaissance of Prayer 

wisdom & tools

coming soon!


The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the gateway to your heart.

Life is a rollercoaster filled with incredible amounts of bliss and pain.
Sometimes the weight of the extremes of the light & darkness almost seem unbearable.
Yet they are both needed.
Light & Dark are twin flames.
Together they make us whole.
Through it all Love always triumphs.
It is what feeds and IGNITES our HEARTS.
Prayer is a super power that gives us direct access to our heart & soul whispers.
It connects us to the universal energy pulsating around us.
Prayer doesn't mean sitting in a church pew or kneeling & making alms (although it is those things too & they have their own beauty & grace). Prayer is just sooooooo much more - it is your breath, the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the moves you make, the people you encounter, the ocean breeze, the summer rain, the first kiss & last, the beds you make or don’t, the shoes you lace, the laughter, the adventure, the play, the deep connections with loved ones, all the itty bitty seemingly unimportant moments - all of this is a prayer. Your whole life is a prayer of love. 
When you choose to pray instead of resist, you begin to dance with life and this is when more love comes in. Love for yourself, love for others, and some of the grandest loves of all, your soulmates who you choose to dance through life with in sacred partnership.
Pray to ignite your heart and live & love with wild abandon!




Renaissance of Prayer wisdom & tools coming soon!

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