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Purging for Love

Empowering Women to Live & Love With Wild Abandon

Become the Queen of Your Domain


Are you feeling cluttered, disorganized, overwhelmed, stagnant, or like your love life is a challenge more than it is flowing with ease?

It may be time to purge for Love!

What is purging for Love?

It is clearing out your physical space to create room for the sacred soul partnership you desire to invite into your life, or deepen & expand your current partnership.

Why purge for Love?

How we live influences how we feel.


How we feel is the energy we put out into the world.


The energy we put out is what comes back to us.
Sooooooooo if your home, especially your bedroom, makes you feel disorganized, overwhelmed, and like you are trying to cram your feet into a shoe, one size too small, because they are just so damn cute, but then after a night out you feel the wrath of the anger from your aching feet…well...what does that say about the energy of love you are calling into your home? It can’t fit anywhere and if already there, it doesn’t have any room to breath and expand into the next best version of itself.

Clutter blocks flow.

Purging creates a love glow.

How do I help you purge for Love?

b I am a catalyst for creating flow.

b I see your truth and desires. 

b I help you cut through the mess and excess to simplify and feel more alive, through hearing your needs & guiding you to take action.

Intention + Action = Heart Ignited

I will support, guide, empower, and celebrate you to:

b Physically purge items no longer serving you.

b Hold space for you to get to the root of why you are holding onto things, that in your heart, you know you really no longer need.

b Provide wisdom, tools, & tips to open up your space to create even more flow & how to keep it flowing after our time together.

This vibrant energy and flow are what attracts more of what you desire in all realms - career, friendship, travel dreams, connection, and romantic partnerships - both existing & waiting to bloom.

Truth - I am not telling you anything that a google search and a purchase of a feng shui book wouldn’t reveal...

So, why work with me?

I bring the magic :)
I hold the space & create a container of unconditional love & compassion for you to let go with ease and grace. I hold your visions and desires for what you are calling into your life and bless the space to be held in Divine love and light.
Plus I am a master at purging.
Annnndddd it’s wayyyyy more fun to do things together! I will be your loving friend with fierce you the space to process while also nudging you to release what is no longer serving you. Which opens up the space for what is truly in your highest good.

b An oracle reading that provides a message & wisdom that sets the energy for what you are clearing out and calling in.
b A blessing & prayer setting the intention for your heart's desire in creating & expanding into even more love.
b Simple action steps & accountability to follow through on tasks that need to be completed outside of our time together, such as:
      Dropping items off at your local donation center.
      ♡ Listing items to sell.
      ♡ Gifting items to loved ones you know will treasure something that is no longer serving you.
b Suggestions on how to optimize space & create greater openings for what you truly desire.
 Unconditional love & compassion as I hold grounded, non-judgemental, & confidential space for you to not only physically but energetically, spiritually, & mentally create openings to invite in the love and joy your heart desires, including growing a current partnership.

Next Steps:


FREE CONSULTATION (20 minutes): We will discuss your needs & desires & make sure I’m your purging person ;)


READY TO DIVE IN: You already know I’m your support person & you are ready to take the purging for love plunge, here are a few options:

Mentoring Session:


We will have a 1 hour call, where I listen to your needs & desires and help you create an actionable plan. We will set deadlines that feel best to you and I will check-in via email to ensure that you are fulfilling your commitments. Once you have completed the process we will have a 30 min follow-up call where I provide support on ways to maximize your space & ensure you keep the flow open. This includes an oracle reading & blessing of your home.

RATE: $148

*Price includes BOTH the 60 & 30 minute calls pre & post purge.



We will connect virtually via Zoom and I will support you in all the same ways, as if I were there in person. The only difference is my face will be framed by a computer screen ;) 

 We will have 3 sessions, over the course of 1-2 months (time frame depends on how swiftly you want to purge). Each session will be 1 hour. This includes support on ways to maximize your space & ensure you keep the flow open, as well as an oracle reading & blessing of your home.

RATE: $333

In-Person = VIP Package


We will have a 30 minute call, where I listen to your needs & desires and we begin to create an actionable plan for what you want to purge + schedule the date for our in-person session. Once at your home, I will help you get clear on what is no longer serving you + provide support on ways to maximize your space & ensure you keep the flow open. We will set deadlines to complete the process after I have left (i.e. donation drop off or calling a loved one to gift an item you no longer need) and I will check-in with you via email to ensure that you are fulfilling your commitments. This includes an oracle reading & blessing of your home.

Depending on the scope of your space & how much you would  like to clear out in one day - it is advised to plan on 3 hours minimum & 5 hours maximum. Anything more than that would require another session.

RATE: $555

*Please note - I am allergic to cats which may affect my availability to meet you in person, although certain breeds I am ok with - reach out & we can discuss the best option!

Letting Go Creates Flow


Flow opens up a portal to receive our desires.

When we are in flow, we are in tune with Divine timing, which operates according to our heart beats.

And our heart always knows the best path to take towards our desires in love & life.

Let’s go team Purge! for LOVE!
Your support in creating flow & love glow,

Clear the clutter, let the love flow!


San Francisco, CA


I needed some help purging various things in my home and Janet-Lee became the person I knew I could call upon. She is so connected to the energy of you and the room, and is such a valuable asset in holding one accountable in clearing space. She helped me make lists of things I need to get done in addition to what we were cleaning out and suggested wonderful recommendations in utilizing the space that existed in our room.

Janet-Lee grounded out the space and helped me set my intention for calling in abundance for our home. Her magical self pulled a Hummingbird Spirit Animal card to bless our home with joy and drinking from the sweet nectar of life. Little did she know that my boyfriend and I bought a hummingbird feeder earlier that week to call in more abundance for our home! She’s truly a gem to have around! Thank you love for being such a great friend and sister. You help remind me to find gratitude in the things I have present in my life, and to let go of the things that are no longer serving me to make space for greater love, abundance, and joy.

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