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40 Day Practice

Empowering Women to Live & Love With Wild Abandon

Become the Queen of Your Domain

Transform through a 40 Day Practice 

Do you desire to open your heart and life to receive the unconditionally loving, fun, grounded, passionate, tender, and compassionate sacred soul partner you have been dreaming of?

40 Day Practice to Invite 
Sacred Partnership Into Your Life

I am here to guide you on how to ignite your heart and open up to love through this 40 Day Practice of Becoming a Hot and Sexy Magnet for Love! 
Together we will reclaim your power and love through joy & pleasure.
Love, joy, & pleasure are our natural states and our birthrights. We are going to reclaim them one joy & pleasure filled step at a time, so you can become fully open to receive the love you desire and deserve.

Even if you are already in a partnership this practice is for you...reigniting our bliss is key to going the distance in romantic partnerships.

Reclamation of Your Love & Power

Through Joy & Pleasure

In these 40 days you will see a significant shift from where your heart may be in resistance to a heart that is ignited.

You may enter the practice having experienced...

b Attracting people who aren’t that into you; do not see or hear you fully.

b Being so enmeshed in your partner's life you lost yourself.

b Fireworks when first meeting but then you grow apart instead of together.

Some results you may experience when you Ignite Your Heart:

b Magnetize the partner who loves you unconditionally & adores you.

b Receive a partner where you feel fully seen & heard.

b Invite in a partner who is inspiring, catalyzing, & you grow together.

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Our Power comes through our Joy & Pleasure. When we stand fully in our power we become magnets for all that we desire. When we are in this magnetic field we become irresistible to the love and romantic partners we dream of.

b Private 1-on-1 coaching with me:

                3 calls total - via phone or Zoom / 60 minutes per session.

b Heart centered practices.

b Inspiring music playlist to amplify your love magnetizing energy (shared via Spotify).

b Journaling & Release practice to let go of the past + create space for the love you truly desire.

b An oracle reading - which will be the energy guiding your 40 Day Practice.

b Daily practices to ignite your joy & pleasure that you desire to share with a partner, such as:

     ♡ Doing things you love

     ♡ Beautifying meal time

     ♡ Baths

     ♡ Dance breaks

Ready to feel your most hotttttt 🔥& sexy self AND magnetize & grow your dream romantic partnership or spice up an existing one?!

Ready to ignite your HE        RT?!

RATE: $499

Additional Offerings


b Each time a new 40 Day practice launches you will be contacted to see if you would like to take the journey again (launches about 4 times a year - you decide how much you participate).

b You will be held in a Sacred Container for the 40 Days, where I will energetically hold you to expand even deeper into your joy & pleasure practices, so you may magnetize the next level of your desires in love & life.

b You will receive a new personalized tarot reading that will be the energy guiding you through the new 40 day journey.

b 1-on-1 Mentoring sessions with me are included the 1st time you take this journey. For each additional time after, there will *no* mentoring sessions included.  Unlimited email access to me is still available.

Several of my clients have taken the 40 day journey multiple times & each time they have reached out to me in awe about how something new transformed in their lives. Through taking the practice 3 times in a row, 1 client had her business career explode in incredible ways, met the live of her life, & overall felt more grounded, empowered, & joyful. Miracles happen when we commit to continually igniting our Hearts!


b Desiring to move from a heart in resistance to a heart ignited by infusing your life with joy & pleasure?


b Ready to open up to receive all that you yearn for in life & love, unapologetically?


b Super busy and/or not quite able to make a large financial investment at this time?


b You are a rockstar at working on your your own time & unique pace. When you commit to something, look out world, nothing is going to stop you!

Then this is the option for you! Reclaim your power, your desires, & your full sexy self by taking this 40 day journey with me.

Includes: Everything under the “What You Will Receive” section above, *EXCEPT* 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with me. You can email me anytime throughout the practice with questions & shares..


This is for you if:


b You have already taken the 40 Day Journey & have seen the incredible shifts it creates in supporting you to magnetize all that you desire in life & love.


b Can not wait to amplify your daily joy & pleasure practice by being held in this sacred & safe space.


b You are committed to living & loving with wild abandon!


Supporting you to LIVE and LOVE with wild abandon,


Chicago, IL


Janet-Lee has a unique genius in helping others to call in and create romantic soul partnership. When I began working with her, I had been struggling for nearly a decade to bring romantic partnership into my life. Over and over I experienced relationships where men I dated were indifferent or unavailable, and this was heartbreaking and lonely. I felt like I kept running into the same patterns again and again with no idea how to do something different. Janet-Lee showed me spiritual rituals and encouraged me to utilize practices like prayer as ways to call in my most loving, kind thoughtful partner. She also offered me practical coaching as I went on dates with an eye towards doing things differently thanks to the insights I gained in working with her.
I’m happy to report I am now in a beautiful relationship that matches my desires and serves and fulfills me in ways I could not have even anticipated. My partner is wildly handsome, deeply compassionate, a great match for me, and he makes me laugh every day. My life feels more complete and joyful with this man in my life. I cannot thank Janet-Lee enough and I cannot recommend her to you more highly. Sign up today to work with her if you are looking to create this kind of deep soulful love.

Mary C.

New York, NY


I am so grateful for Janet-Lee and her rare ability to help me open up my heart again. Our 7-week Sacred Soul Partner Magnetizing sessions were the best commitment I made to myself. Her deep wisdom, beautiful intuition and compassionate heart helped me to permanently transform my personal partnerships in a positive way. Her unconditional acceptance and openness created a safe space for me to share on a deeper level and understand my behaviors and patterns which never served me well. With her guidance, knowledge, patience, and gentle reminders I shifted from these past limitations and am now genuinely happier, stronger, and wiser. I am now in a great place to call in my sacred soul partner. I continue to incorporate the daily practices and self-care techniques Janet-Lee taught me because of the positive energy I receive from them and I enjoy them! Forever grateful. Thank you, Janet-Lee.

Bainbridge Island, WA


I’m a big believer that when you choose to work with someone as a guide or a coach to support you on your path, that choosing someone that has actually done their own work and continues to deepen on their personal and spiritual journey is essential. Having worked closely with Janet-Lee as one of her mentor and guides for many years, I can tell you without a doubt that she is the real deal. Devoted and committed to her own practice and to always going deeper inside. Living in true partnership with another while also firmly rooted in herself. Facing her fears and challenges and choosing to use them as catalysts vs. game stoppers. Janet-Lee is compassionate and courageous, full of wonder and has a gift for helping women connect with their inner knowing and hearts.

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