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You are a woman...a goddess...

who has a deep, primal knowing that you were born

for so much more.

You are dis-heartened and ready to find the way back to

your dreams, desires, deepest truths &


I see you.

I am here lighting the path back to your heart &

the greatest love you have ever known...

starting with you first.

Start igniting your heart with a complimentary coaching session.
Meet Janet-Lee Ropas, Women's Empowerment Coach
Upcoming Events
Monthly ignitedHEART Goddess Gatherings

Location: Zoom 

Cost: $35 USD 

Description: Gather with heart-minded women in a SAFE, UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING, SUPPORTIVE space, united in sacred community. Receive divine feminine wisdom both from me and your own heart & soul, which will act as a compass guiding you in every step you take, rooted in love. Divine Feminine teachings, guided meditation, prayer, journaling, & dance.

Each month will have a different theme that will be updated on the registration link. Click the button below to register.

NEXT GATHERING: Saturday April 10th, 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm PT

1:00 pm - 3:00  pm CT

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm GMT

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm CET

What does it mean to live with an ignitedHEART?

It is a revolutionary way of living, with joy & pleasure as the gateway, leading you to create the life & love of your dreams. The life you were born for. 

It is the embodiment of the lifestyle of a Goddess...a Queen.

A woman with an ignitedHEART is MAGNETIC.

A woman who knows her worth, power, and truth.

Once she knows this, she is unstoppable and unapologetic, in how she moves through the world.

She dances everyday, allowing, only her heart to take the lead.

For she knows, when she does, the world becomes a field of infinite possibilities.

She is a force of nature because she knows she is one with nature.

A woman with an ignitedHEART is:



standing fully in her power


the Queen of her Sacred domain...including her body temple & spiritual, mental & emotional health


fierce but loving in the boundaries she creates


leaping to the whispers of her heart


unapologetic in how she moves in the world, because she knows she is carried by grace


a Divine vessel of Love


worthy of every dream & desire she holds in her sacred heart

There is no work around…if you really, truly desire to be you - FULLY - you will need to dive deep into places you have been ignoring…dive into the shadows to reclaim all parts of you.

While this is a journey you will have to take, you do not need to go on it alone. The woman on her way to being fully empowered…to being sovereign...knows that to rise to the heights she longs for, she needs a guide who has already blazed the trail. You will still have to walk it, but without having to battle all the weeds & potholes along the way. Like when you go on a travel adventure - you hire a guide to show you the lay of the land - to teach you the best places to eat & sights to see & the dark alleys to avoid. I am that travel guide on the Divine Feminine & spiritual planes of Love…lighting the path back to your heart…back to the truth of who you are.

It would be an honor to be your guide in this journey of sacred transformation.

If you are ready to work with a guide in your journey of IGNITING your HEART & live the life you were born for, book a complimentary session below. No strings attached...sort of a meet & greet to see if we are a best match for each other, on what will be quite an intimate journey of the heart & soul. Plus you will receive a goody bag of sacred tools & practices to take with you. I am excited to meet your heart!

Hi & Welcome!

I am Janet-Lee Ropas, a Spiritual Coach, Guide, & Teacher, Priestess of Sacred Union, Writer, ignitedHEART Dance teacher, world traveler & lover of dark chocolate & peanut butter.


Sacred Love.
Divine Love.
Soul Partner Love.
Love of all Life & Momma Earth.

Meet Janet-Lee Ropas, Women's Empowerment Coach
Meet Janet-Lee Ropas, Women's Empowerment Coach

I am devoted to helping you move through your fears & resistance to ignite your heart & be free from the walls, cages, & veils covering it up. I know what it is like to be suffering from being disconnected from the truth of who you are. The pain of not being fully seen or heard. The agony of playing small, shrinking, hiding…not feeling like it is safe to be you. The ache of longing to meet the love of your life.

I also know how to transform that pain into your dream life & partnerships, because it is the journey I had to take.

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Learn about my own Sacred Transformation from working on a Wall Street trading floor to becoming a Spiritual Coach, Teacher, & Guide.
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