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Janet-Lee Ropas

 Purple & Green are my favorite colors

 When I was 30, I backpacked around the world, for 5.5 months, as a solo female traveler - any dream is possible!


 Have an unhealthy collection of funky socks (argyle = cherry on top) 


 Dream of being a photographer for Nat’l Geographic


★ ‘Secretly’ wish I was in a rock band


★ Will challenge you to a game of 500 rummy


★ Attending a live concert is one of my favorite pastimes


★ Believe I lived during the Roaring 20’s in a past life (also think I may have been a sea turtle…)


★ New York native who had a love affair with San Francisco


★ I LOVE avocados...may be part of why I never left San Francisco...


★ I adore everywhere I have traveled for different reasons but a few have really captured my heart…Paris, Edinburgh,            Melbourne, Vietnam, Rome


★ The beach is my oasis


★ Believe in karma & that a simple smile or kind word goes a long way


★ I am not a morning person


★ Mother Nature is a fierce creature, have reverence for the life she gives us


“Our Town” by Thorton Wilder is my favorite play/book


★ I am an old ancient


★ Lover of 80’s music (I’m a product of scrunchy socks, side clipped shirts, tye-dye, & candy necklaces afterall)


★ My first concert was New Kids On The Block (NOT – NKOTB) & I vowed to love them forever…thankfully I matured


★ I (with 10 other friends) were actually in the samba parade in Rio during Carnival


★ Dancing ignites my heart, sets my soul free & brings me ecstasy… So do orgasms...the world need more of both...dancing orgasms! ;)


★ If I were a superhero I would be Batman


★ Some of my favorite moments in life are when you are laughing so hard that you cry


★ I met my soul partner through Tindr, true story, I can hardly believe it myself (the universe works in mysterious ways)


★ The combination of chocolate & peanut butter is heaven on earth

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