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Divine Whispers are messages of love, meant to offer comfort, wisdom, hope, and

reminders of the incredible power you hold within.


A personal message that is part prayer, part oracle, part mantra.


A sacred message that you can keep for life. 

As you grow & evolve, so will the meaning of the Divine Whispers.


A gift you can give to yourself or loved ones or both! :)

Just listened to my divine whispers & cried. What a gift, it's like you see me & through you I see myself anew.


~ Rachael Cumberland-Dodd, UK

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About Divine Whispers

Janet-Lee truly has the gift of "divination" and her voice comes straight to the heart; I felt like she was speaking directly to ME. Send a whisper to a friend in need of a boost or as a gift to yourself!


~ Adrienne May G., Detroit, MI

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Samples of what the
Divine Whispers will look like

The Divine Whispers are all very unique.
They can be a couple of sentences, a short paragraph or the length of a page or two.

I act as a conduit for the message to flow through & so I do not control the length.

One is not better than the other. There is no good or bad. More isn’t necessarily better.

Whatever comes through will be divinely meant for you.

Artwork by Lexi Weiner

The Divine Whispers will be wrapped in an extra blanket of love by Lexi & her stunning artwork.


*Each one will be unique & the color of the artwork will be intuitively chosen.

Piano Arrangement by Matt Couzens

Music in the audio version of the Divine Whispers was composed by the incredibly talented,

Matt Couzens.

You can hear 2 samples of what your Divine Whispers will sound like below.

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Where do the messages come from?

I act as a conduit of love & grace. 

Opening myself up to the Divine to receive a message you most need to receive now.

I create a meditative space encircled with unconditional love & ask for messages to come through in the highest good for all.


The best way I can explain the process is that it is like when you have a flash of insight for a creative idea or an epiphany when something suddenly makes sense. Those thoughts usually come through swiftly & seemingly out of nowhere.

That is what I call a Divine download.


To receive the Divine Whispers I enter into a meditative space, either by being still or through a moving meditation, via gentle movements or dance ~ each person’s energy calls for something different.

Your Divine Whispers are magic!!!! And, well...divine!!!


~ Davina Mackenzie, CA, USA

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How am I able to receive a message without talking to or seeing you?

Because we are all connected. We are all one.

The energy of the universe flows through and around all of us.

I believe we are all messengers for each other.

My mission is love and so I set the intention to spread that love & trust that whatever comes through will touch you in some way. It will be what you most need to hear now, even if there is resistance to it at first.

Love...the Divine...always knows what is in our highest good.

No matter how hard that may be for our minds to comprehend.

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How The Divine Whispers Began

It started as part of my own personal practice when I was feeling lost, confused, & scared. I was seeking clarity & guidance on what were the next steps on my path...which direction was in my highest good.


During meditation I would offer a question to the Divine & then deeply listen. In time I would begin to hear my heart & soul whispers, which I now call Divine Whispers.


Sometimes I would journal & write out a question in one color pen & then write answers in another color pen. There was a distinct energetic shift when I did this & would receive more clarity because I was in active conversation with my heart & the Divine.


It would also happen in nature, when I began slowing down enough to connect to trees, to marvel at their wonder and express gratitude to them for the air we breathe. These moments of stillness & deep listening, allowed me to begin to hear the Divine whispers flowing from the sacred roots of the trees.


For nearly a decade I’ve been deepening this practice & overtime it has become easier & easier to access. To the point where the Divine often wakes me up in the middle of the night to channel wisdom. Usually creative ideas & actions to take, like this offering that you are reading now.


I was woken up at 3am one night with a very sudden & fast download to offer the Divine Whispers to the world in a much bigger way than I have been. Because I have been practicing this for so long, I deeply trust this energy & wisdom when it comes through & so I take action. When you meet the Divine with action, magic happens.


Working with Divine Whispers has become one of the most healing & powerful practices I have in my spiritual toolbox.


The Divine Whispers started to come through me for soul sisters. I would type a reply of support or encouragement and I could feel a shift in the energy as I was typing, it was filled with more fire & urgency than usual. I would know it was the Divine using me to share something the other person needed to hear. 

I would receive reflections saying how much that touched them, or how deeply they needed to hear that now, how powerfully the words impacted them & gave support for what they were moving through.


I learned to surrender & receive this flow. Trusting that it didn’t have to make sense to me as long as it served the other person.


Several years ago after a client meeting I felt an internal nudge that there was a message I was meant to share, beyond the practices & resources I usually provide after sessions.

It was the Divine knocking on my door asking if I would be the messenger & so I surrendered, trusted & said yes.

The feedback was so powerful & the clients were always so moved by the Divine whispers that I kept it as part of our work together.


After a decade of receiving 100’s of these messages for myself, loved ones, & clients, I saw a theme emerge ~ the whispers are Universal messages of love. We are all connected, we are all one & so there is another person, somewhere nearby or across the globe, at the same & different times, going through what you are going through. We all need a little extra love, peace & reminders that we are always held in the loving arms of grace, no matter what, even if external circumstances may appear otherwise.


We are all conduits of love & grace.

We can all channel the Divine in our own unique ways.

We also all need a little extra support from time to time.

Which is why it is my pleasure & honor to offer these Divine Whispers in service to your sacred life journey.

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Investment + What You Will Receive


  • 1 PDF of your personal Divine Whispers

  • 1 Audio mp3 of your Divine Whispers narrated by me - a personal heart & soul recording

  • 1 PDF (24 pages) of universal Divine Whispers for ongoing support, wisdom, & guidance


You can download all of these and keep forever!


Some ideas of what you can do with the personal Divine Whispers:

  • Save as your screensaver on your computer.

  • Make it the background on your phone.

  • Print it out & hang it where you will see it every day.


Some ideas of what you can do with the audio:

  • Listen as a daily prayer or mantra for as long as you need.

  • Play as you go for a walk & soak in the nature around you, immersing yourself even more with the Divine as you listen.


Some ideas of how to use the universal Divine Whispers:

  • Use this like a virtual flip book or oracle. 

  • Take a moment to put your hands on your heart and ask the Divine, “What do I most need to receive now?” & see which whisper you are led to.





You will be supporting 2 small, female owned businesses - myself who is channeling the messages & the artist, Lexi Weiner.  We are SO grateful! Thank you!


(As well as TreeSisters - a social change & reforestation charity that encourages feminine leadership in which my business makes monthly donations).


*You are purchasing digital copies only - sent as PDFs + 1 audio file. They will be emailed to you within 5-7 days.***

**If you need this sooner there is a RUSH order option on the booking page for delivery within 2-3 days of appointment date.

What People Are Saying
About The Divine Whispers

My Divine Whisper was very impactful. I received it after a night of insomnia and worrying about ALL the things -- it was like an energetic sword cutting through all that and providing a small but mighty beam of light towards me. I was truly stunned at how accurate it was to me and my current situation with moving thru old stuff into the new. JL truly has the gift of "divination" and her voice comes straight to the heart; I felt like she was speaking directly to ME. Send a whisper to a friend in need of a boost or as a gift to yourself! 

~ Adrienne May G., Detroit, MI, USA


Just listened to my divine whispers & cried. What a gift, it's like you see me & through you I see myself anew.

~ Rachael Cumberland-Dodd, UK


Wow!!! This is incredible, thank you so much Janet-Lee! That is a beautiful prayer that really resonates and when I have a chance I’ll print it out and put it up somewhere in my new apartment. :) With huge love and gratitude for you! 

~ San Francisco, CA, USA


Your Divine Whispers are magic!!!! And, well...divine!!!

~ Davina Mackenzie, California, USA


I am very grateful for having received the Divine Whispers. I felt moved by the elemental energy that came through, which felt like a celebration of my roots, my love for the land, the animals and dance. I felt held by Janet-Lee in a loving, generous and compassionate way, and I will cherish the message I received in my heart. This arrived in divine timing, in a moment where receiving something so personal and poetic allowed me to breathe in and rest in love and acceptance.

~ Laura Valenti, Spain

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If you have any other questions please email:

  • Who are the Divine Whispers for?
    Anyone with an open heart & curious mind wishing to receive a personal message that is part prayer, part oracle, part mantra.
  • Do I need to be religious for the Divine Whispers to resonate?
    Not at all. These are not tied to any religion. I would say it would be best suited for those with some sort of spiritual practice already. For those who believe in a greater loving energy that is guiding us...doesn’t matter if you call it the Divine / Spirit / Universe / Goddess or God.
  • How long does it take to receive the Divine Whispers?
    The magical PDFs & audio of your Divine Whispers will be emailed to you within 5-7 days. If you need it sooner than this you can purchase the rush option on the order page. If you have any questions please email me at
  • Can I customize the Divine Whispers?
    No, these are not customized messages. These are received as Divine downloads, in which I act as a conduit for the messages that want to come through and so they are not edited. Including the formatting & how the Divine Whispers appear on the page is all divinely downloaded.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Since these are personal messages I do not offer refunds, however it is important to me that you love what you receive so please reach out if you have any concerns. Sometimes the messages that come through are like cooking a meal, where you need to let some of the ingredients marinate. It can take a little time & space for the whispers to really sink in, oftentimes becoming more delicious overtime.
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Rainbow Angel copy_edited.jpg
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Behind The Scenes

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes of the Divine Whispers creation process.

Setting up the sales page & getting the tech in order for all of the magical PDF & audio templates.


It all has come together very quickly as the Divine asked me to move swiftly on this project.

Even though there have been potholes in the road along the way, it has filled me with SO much joy to birth this creative baby.


I look forward to sending you one soon.

Now for some laughs...

Divine Whispers ~ A Personal Sacred Message

A prayer, oracle, & mantra weaved together as a message of love.

An offering of comfort, wisdom, hope, and the reminders of the incredible power you hold within.

Thank you for being here & taking a journey through the creation of Divine Whispers.

Sending lots of love & magical blessings your way, today & always.


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