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The Dance of Unconditional Love

Updated: May 31, 2018

When you are moving through one of the most vulnerable and challenging areas of growth for yourself.

When you are learning to RECEIVE help. When you are learning to ASK for help. When you are learning to T A K E U P S P A C E When you are learning to use your fucking voice – LOUD and CLEAR. When you ask for what you need, something that may be easy for others, but is so tender and raw for you, almost paralyzing you with fear. When you finally do ask your partner, whom you share the most intimate of intimacies with, for what you need.

And he replies, “Thank you for asking. Let’s make it happen.” That is unconditional love. Meeting your partner where they are weakest, seeing them stripped bare, and not only celebrating them for it, but lifting them up.

Photo: by JL Ropas  ~ Puerto Vallarta Anniversary Trip with my Unconditionally Loving Partner
Photo: by JL Ropas  ~ Puerto Vallarta Anniversary Trip with my Unconditionally Loving Partner

Giving them gentle reminders to step into and through the other side of the challenge they are working through. Not shaming them or making them wrong. Giving them permission to be exactly where they are and holding space for them to expand, in their own divine time. It is SEEing each other fully – in all their glory and in all their messiness. And CHOOSING to love them, not in spite of, but because of all of their magnificence AND all of their stinky shit. Unconditional Love is a full package deal. It is not what fairy tales are made of. It is so much harder. It is also more magical, so much more magnificent, than you could ever dream. It is a choice to show up in pure love. It is a choice to let down your armor. It is noticing when you want to put that heavy metal shield back on and yet still choosing to leave your guard down. Because you are worth it. Because your partner is worth it. Worth the tears and fears to strip back the layers of a lifetime(s) of wounds. So that you can let your lights fully shine. So that you can have a connection, chemistry, and love deeper than you have ever known. So that you can feel, really feel alive. So that you can have joy and peace. So that you can see, hear, and honor the divinity in each other. Once you can get here, to the place of divinity, nothing but unconditional love exists. So step down from your throne of fear and step up into your throne of love. Surrender into each other’s temples, fully naked, in all ways. Let yourself be seen. So that you may be loved for the truth of who you are. This is the lover’s divine cosmic dance. May you find the courage to lay down your shields and take up your hearts.

*** Thank you to my partner, for dancing with me so vulnerably and unconditionally. You are one of my greatest teachers and inspire me everyday. Thank you for holding space (even when it’s difficult, even when it means watching me fall flat on my face) for me to rise up into the highest version of myself. I love you.




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